Environmentally Responsible




In the fall of 2001 we erected two wind turbines in a step to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. While creating clean energy, this venture helps us reduce our power expenses as well as contributing to the environment.

Since our involvement with the wind turbines we have been recognized and accepted as a licensed member of the Environmental Choice Program. Environment Canada's ecolabelling program,

As for the future we are continuing to research all possible ways to help improve our product and at the same time remain an environmentally conscious neighbor and a supplier of quality products.

We strive to maintain all standards as set out by HACCP that involves our operation. We audit all areas of our operations from field to packinghouse to customers.

In keeping with the environmental theme we have joined up with the on Farm Food Safety Program and Environmental Farm Planning. These two programs run parallel with one another and offer an excellent means of quality control.

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